Kay military industries

With an experience of a quarter of a century in international logistics, we set off to help Turkish companies to enter the markets in Kenya and East Africa Union Countries. 

Our main purpose is to help  Turkish companies to establish commercial relationships  and to present them new markets.

Kay Investment Foreign Trade Inc., gives the opportunity to enter markets based on contractual agreements or direct investment. Likewise we offer  Turkish companies  commercial opportunities in our main stream business areas in Kenya.

These can be dealership, franchising, turn-key projects, management agreements and assambly operations. 

In evaluating the opportunities, our company gives necessary consultancy services to relevant parties. 

One of the supplementary service we provide is to market & sell your products and to provide logistics services in the right time with the economic logistic costs. 

With our substructure based in Kenya, we can provide postponing service to your import operations through Mombasa port. By means of this service, the companies do not only dispatch their goods to Kenya market but also to neighbouring countries and countries who reqire these products. From the port of arrival to the required final destnation your goods will be dispatched safely by us or our subcontractors.